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Dr. A. K. Rathore
From its inception and incorporation in 1997, Tecnia Institute has broken new grounds and scaled new heights in terms of commitments and results. We not only scan the horizon constantly for vision and action but also look back to critically analyze our past performance and make new course corrections for still better results. We at Tecnia continually try to make our role and programs still more challenging and competitive in this era of liberalization and globalization. Our approach reflects our sincere and honest desire to gear ourselves to make a small but critical contribution towards the overall development and growth plans of our country in this 21st century of fast progress, so as to get a place of pride in this pulsating and vigorous collage of India. Our endeavor is to diversify our activities still further to suit the ever-changing job patterns in Management and Information Technology areas, which are getting more and more tough. We at the Institute take this as a welcome challenge and have been working with a two way approach: one is to provide the best available teaching medium for our students to tone their skills and two in making forays into untapped areas taking them further ahead on the path of learning and knowledge. Our students are our treasure.